Truelove Summer Dog Cooling Vest




    This is the perfect product for your pet with the upcoming summer heat. Your dog still needs their exercise, but they can find it difficult in the heat. So by wearing this product you can ensure that they are kept cool and safe throughout their walk.

    Just soak with water prior to putting it on to your pet. During their walk, the heat of the sun will cause the water to evaporate, creating a cooling effect for you pet.

    Material: Mesh,Nylon,3M reflective

    Color: grey/orange,grey/yellow


    1.Provides dog with a feeling of comfort on hot days

    2.Protects and cools the heart region and chest which is vital for circulation

    3.Ideal for walks, training sessions, and dog shows

    4.Sizes XXS to XXL have attachment D-ring for a leash


    Size Chest(cm/in) Neck(cm/in)
    XXS 30-36cm/12-14in 25-28/10-11in
    XS 37-44cm/14.5-17.5in 29-32cm/11.5-12.5in
    S 45-51cm/17.5-20in 33-37cm/13-14.5in
    M 52-61cm/20.5-24in 38-44cm/15-17in
    L 62-71cm/24.5-28in 45-49cm/17.5-19in
    XL 72-82cm/29-32in 50-57cm/19.5-22.5in
    XXL 83-101cm/32.5-39.5in 58-78/23-30.5in





    Pls measure your dogs’ neck or chest circumference as the same location as the line.


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